Search Engine Optimization

We are specialized in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services since 2006. We have been distinguished in this very competitive market by offering best results, reliable data analyses and reporting SEO services.

Our SEO methodology is a 3 - step procedure:

Step 1: We evaluate your website for being compatible with the basic rules of Search Engine Optimization. This is also an inventory phase in which we wish to answer several questions like: which is your current performance in search engines? who are your competitors? how you use social media for attracting visitors? are you maintaining a blog? We will start immediately promoting your website.

Step 2: We define a set of relevant search terms (keywords) for you. We work together for finding the best keywords for your business. We define a concrete working plan for the next period.

Step 3: Weekly, you receive a SEO report. Here, we clearly state the progress on your keywords and the methodology followed so far.

Payment: After evaluating your website and producing a concrete working plan, we agree together for a monthly fee.

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